Shreya Parikh

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
MPlan, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University

Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, Shreya Parikh has a wide body of research on Cultural Appropriateness in Architectural Designs, Heritage Conservation, Urban Regeneration, Sustainable Urban Development and Innovative Pedagogical Methods Tailored for Architectural Education. Her research work has been appreciated at numerous national and international conferences, receiving notable acclaim and recognition for its depth and contributions to the field.


At Anant, she facilitates courses including Building Materials and Construction, Architectural Design Studio and Architectural Graphics. A believer in a balanced integration of theory and practice in academics, Shreya incorporates hands-on construction activities in her teaching methodology to facilitate rapid comprehension among students. She also augments insights from real-life cases in her teaching, offering students valuable perspectives from her industry experiences. 


To provide students with more exposure, she frequently organises study tours and community immersion programs. These programs offer a learning experience beyond traditional academic settings, fostering a deeper understanding of architectural practices.


A Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Architecture, Vadodara Design Academy, Vadodara, and a Master’s in Urban Planning from Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan, Shreya won a Gold Medal for her MPlan and a scholarship as Batch Topper in 2010. She was also a Team Head for the Annual NASA Design Competition in 2011, showcasing her leadership qualities.


Shreya has been an important part of Anant since 2014, shaping the academic landscape, teaching studio and construction courses while innovating teaching methodologies to enhance the overall learning experience. Beyond the classroom, Shreya actively contributes to committees such as Curriculum Review, Grievance and Examination Team to ensure continuous improvement, fairness and transparency in academic processes. 


Previously, Shreya was involved with Vadodara Design Academy, providing innovative and logical insights to ensure a high-quality learning experience for the students. In addition to her academic responsibilities, she has been a part of the Board of Studies for Architecture and Interior Design at Gujarat University since 2017 and has served as the Central Assessment Coordinator for the Architecture and Interior Design Departments at Gujarat University. 


Shreya also handles freelance projects related to office interiors, residential renovation and residential interiors, adding practical knowledge and experience to the classroom.


Beyond academia, Shreya finds fulfilment in astronomy, delighting in observing celestial events and phenomena in the night sky. Additionally, she is an avid traveller, drawn to exploring diverse cultures, landscapes and architectural marvels around the world. These interests not only provide her with moments of wonder but also shape her as a well-rounded individual.