Parth Raval

Assistant Professor, School of Design
MDes, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Parth Raval is an Assistant Professor at Anant with expertise in product design, product ergonomics, design feasibility, immersive media design, additive manufacturing, design for manufacturing, rendering, user experience design, form development, the framework of design, sustainable design, digital visualisation and technical drawing. Additionally, he extends his knowledge and guidance as an external mentor at the Design Innovation Centre, AV Parekh Technical Institute Rajkot, under Gujarat Technological University. Parth’s skills and dedication make him a valuable asset in both academic and professional settings, contributing significantly to the design field.


At Anant, Parth has made significant contributions by mentoring his teams to win big at different competitions. His team won the second prize in the 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav National Contest, securing funds to develop a proof of concept (POC). Demonstrating leadership, Parth was pivotal in establishing two cutting-edge labs – Futureshift and Earthlink 23.72. He was a Faculty Lead for projects like Rathyatra 2023, AIRAVAT-Surat Ganesh Visarjan and Vibrant Gujarat 2024. Utilising advanced technologies such as 3D scanning, mapping, drone simulations, point cloud data operations and photogrammetry, Parth and his team crafted innovative decision-making systems, setting new standards in their respective fields.


Parth earned his Master of Design from IIT Delhi, where he delved deep into the intricacies of Industrial Design after completing his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, laying a solid foundation in engineering principles. This unique combination of qualifications equips Parth with a comprehensive understanding of design aesthetics and technical aspects.


Before becoming a part of Anant, Parth contributed to the university’s academic environment as a Visiting Faculty member for over a year. Before this, he served as a Design Lead at a start-up in Pune that focused on lifestyle accessories. At Anant, Parth remains deeply engaged in university affairs, participating actively in several committees. He holds membership in critical committees such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Examination and Administration, showcasing his commitment to the university’s governance and development.


Parth’s mentorship has yielded remarkable results, with 12 projects under his guidance securing the filing of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). As the Department Coordinator, he plays an important role in overseeing and guiding these projects to success. Additionally, eight projects under his mentorship received funding from the Government of Gujarat for prototype development, aligning with the Student Start-up Innovation Policy (SSIP) objectives.


Beyond Academia, Parth enjoys singing and playing the guitar, expressing himself through melodies and rhythms. He also loves dancing, immersing himself in the art of expression through body language and choreography. Beyond artistic endeavours, Parth maintains an active lifestyle with a penchant for sports. Whether it’s the fast-paced action of basketball, the precision of table tennis or the agility of football, he finds solace and excitement in the world of sports.


His motto, “Be the polymath,” reflects his belief in embracing multidisciplinary knowledge and experiences to enrich one’s life and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.