Design student creates ‘Walk-station,’ an innovation addressing the challenges of busy professionals with desk jobs, offering a convenient solution to work and exercise simultaneously. Read here

Neha Vin

Adjunct Assistant Professor;
Bachelor of Architecture
School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture, UNITEC, New Zealand

An architect and interior designer, Neha Vin pursued her undergraduation in Architecture from the School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture, UNITEC New Zealand, and Bachelor of Interior Design (B.I.D) from Sardar Patel University, School of Interior Design, APIED, Vallabh Vidhyanagar.

Neha interned at Somaya & Kalappa Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai and later worked for several firms in Ahmedabad, including Abhikram.

Neha’s keen interest in travel has enriched her with knowledge from various parts of the world. Passionate about teaching, she has been an active participant in the academic realm since July 2014. An ace student in her formative years, Neha has won Shri Jashbhai V. Patel Gold Medal for securing the highest aggregate marks in all the subjects during her five years of study in Interior Design. Besides, she has also won the Shri Suryakant Patel Award for securing the first position in ‘Design Studio Ten’ for her Dissertation on Adaptive Reuse of Baronet’s Bungalow (2002-2003).

Neha is the Adjunct Assistant Professor and Dissertation Coordinator at the School Of Design, AnantU. An expert in residential and retail projects, she approaches teaching by combining theory, its practical application, and unique examples on interior design discipline. She teaches Interior Design and History of Interiors at AnantU.