Joseph Rajini Asir

Creative Director, Sustain Labs Paris

“Joseph Rajini Asir is a visual artist and communications designer specialising in photography and illustration. He has over ten years of experience in the various fields of project management, photography, branding and visualisation across large and small organisations such as, Buzzfeed, The Ladies Compartment etc. Before Sustain Labs, he worked with the external communications department at Anant National University where he also taught courses on photography, light and visual journaling. He is currently the creative director at Sustain Labs and is responsible for designing both internal and external communication materials along with conceptualising and visualising ideas for in house research and development.Beyond creative direction, he is engaged in researching about setting up spaces and engagements that enable free thought and self reflective engagements. He has a post graduate degree in photography from National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, India and a bachelors degree in commerce from Loyola College, Chennai, India.”