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Jayraj Solanki

Account executive, Ananat school for climate action

Jayraj Solanki is working as an account executive with Anant School for Climate Action, where he is responsible for managing the finances and budget of the school. He is the key point of contact when it comes to support with fee, scholarship and travel administration for the students and staff.

Jayraj is experienced in fixed asset accounting reconciliations and depreciation journals. He has experience in handling GST( Goods & Service Tax ) returns for 76 branches and has also worked on assessment, sales tax, and accounting finalization work with a CA, where he coordinated with the income tax, sales tax, and TDS departments.

Prior to Anant National University, Jayraj has worked with Swaminarayan Aksharpith (BAPS) and has a cumulative experience of nine years in the domain. He enjoys playing cricket during his free time.