Faraz Kazi

Analyst , Sustain Lab Paris

Faraz has a Master’s in Environmental Engineering from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Currently, he is working with Sustain Labs Paris as an analyst with the technical team. He is responsible for conducting research and analysis to develop sustainable solutions for the organization’s clients. He is also a part of the Anant School for Climate Action, where he is involved in applied research, life cycle assessment, climate lab, and weather station activities.

Faraz has also submitted a conference paper to the Indian International Conference on Air Quality Management conducted by IIT Madras. Faraz is highly interested in all aspects related to sustainability, climate change, life cycle assessments, and environmental engineering. He is passionate about finding solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges and creating a better future for future generations.He comes from Bijapur, Karnataka, and enjoys traveling and playing cricket in his free time. Overall, he has a passion for sustainability and environmental engineering.