Dr Falguni Patel

Associate Professor, School of Design
PhD, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Falguni Patel, an Associate Professor at Anant, explores non-conventional fibres suitable for home textiles, aiming to diversify material choices beyond traditional options. Her research interests encompass several critical areas within the field of textile studies, focusing on enhancing the value of textiles by applying natural dyes while integrating traditional craft techniques. This approach helps in sustaining textile crafts and promotes cultural heritage preservation.


Additionally, she is committed to investigating sustainable textile-processing practices, seeking methods that minimise environmental impact throughout the production cycle. Her research also delves into the intricate aspects of colour applied to textiles, studying the aesthetic and functional properties of colour in textile applications. This comprehensive approach underscores her dedication to advancing sustainable and culturally enriched practices within the textile industry.


At Anant, Dr Patel teaches Fashion and Sustainability studies. She strives to achieve a sustainable goal in fashion with natural dyes and fibres involving a holistic approach that encompasses several fundamental principles and practices aimed at minimising environmental impact and promoting ethical production methods.


Dr Patel, a PhD in Clothing and Textiles from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, was a UGC Senior Research Fellow during her doctoral journey and received the ‘Mid Career Award’ from the Home Science Association of India.


Professionally, she worked with Regency Apparels Pvt Ltd, a job working unit for Raymonds Apparel and supervised assembly line and quality control. Since then, she has been an educator and researcher for over two decades. She has headed the Fashion and Apparel Technology Programme for six years as an Associate Director, apart from her myriad experiences in higher education in various positions, beginning with temporary lecturer to Assistant Professor and teaching at International IBPYP School, government and non-government organisations.


Dr Patel is an avid reader and researcher who has published two manuals on Natural Dyeing and Textile Testing. She also contributed a chapter in a textbook titled ‘Indian Knowledge Systems: A Family and Community Sciences Perspective’, published with the curricular changes indicated in the National Education Policy of India 2020 (NEP 2020) in mind.


Dr Patel has presented her work at esteemed platforms like Ars Textrina, Confederation of Green Fashion and International Textile and Costume Congress, etc. She also published her work in various national and international journals and has 17 papers to her credit. She is currently guiding four PhD scholars and has two SSIP Projects to her credit.


Falguni’s love for gardening, culinary exploration and literature weaves a vibrant tapestry that defines her outlook on life. Her passions are rooted in curiosity, creativity and a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings, highlighting her dedication to sustainability. Whether nurturing organic gardens, embracing diverse culinary traditions or advocating environmental stewardship, she exemplifies a holistic approach that honours our planet and its resources.