Dr. Asima Sahu


Asima Sahu is a researcher. She has worked as a Research Associate in IGIDR (Mumbai) and IBS (Bangalore). She worked as a Director of a company Zameen Khoj Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Her research areas of interests include Poverty, Employment, Migration, Urban Development etc. She has completed her MA, MPhil, Ph.D. in Analytical & Applied Economics from Utkal University, Odisha.

  • Research paper “Internal Migration after Covid-19” published in IOSR Journal of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS), Volume 25, Issue 7, Series 14, July 2020

  • Research Paper “Changes in the Structural Growth of Employment in India” jointly with Prof. (Dr.) Raj Kishore Panda, published in The Indian Economic Journal, Special Issue, and December, 2012

  • Research Paper “Trends and Dimensions of Rural Poverty in Orissa” co-authored with Dr. R K Panda, published in Journal of Orissa Review, Vol. LXVIII No. 2&3, Sept- Oct, 2011

  • Research paper “Millennium Development Goals and Infant Mortality in India: A Distant Dream or A Reality” jointly with Prof. Subhalaxmi Mohapatra, published in International Journal of Global Economy, Vol.6, No.1, January 2010

  • Research paper “Paradoxes of Urban India-Issues and Challenges” co-authored with Prof. Subhalaxmi Mohapatra, published in Icfai Journal of Urban Policy, Vol. III, No. 2, October 2008

  • Magazine Article “Performance of Socio-Economic Indicators of Jammu and Kashmir” published in Icfai Reader, October, 2009