Dhaval Raval

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
Master of Urban Planning, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University

Dhaval, an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, showcases a deep understanding of the core architectural principles. This is evident in his proficiency in Design Studio, Building Construction and Technical Representation of Drawings. His expertise in these aspects enables him to translate design concepts into feasible and structurally sound solutions and communicate design intent through precise and detailed visuals.


At Anant, Dhaval contributes in multiple ways including teaching and managing architectural consultancy projects. He designed the Wall of Anant as a project during his time at the School of Architecture. He also worked on hands-on projects such as ‘Chaavni and Nine Arches’ for educational purposes.


Dhaval, a Postgraduate in Urban Planning from the Institute of Architecture at Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University (HNGU), has a diverse and enriching professional experience spanning various streams of Architecture and Interior Design. His interests focus on institutional, residential, commercial and industrial projects, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. 


Professionally, Dhaval is also a dedicated educator at the School of Architecture at Growmore Institute, where he previously taught Instructional Design and Working Drawing Studios. He served as the Chief Architect at the Prerna School project in Vadnagar. At Ramesh Patel and Associates, he played a pivotal role as a Senior Architect on projects like Atmiya Vidyapeeth in Gandhidham and Layvir residence in Mehsana. These projects garnered recognition as they were featured in publications such as World Architecture News and Architizer, a testament to Dhaval’s talent and contribution to the field. Currently, he is designing an institutional project and serving as the Principal Architect at Dhaval Raval Architects.


Beyond academia, Dhaval loves watching films and listening to music. He also likes to play indoor sports like table tennis and carrom.