Devesh Waghela

Assistant Professor, School of Design
MA, Amity University

Devesh Waghela is an Assistant Professor at the School of Design. As a Fashion Communication graduate, Devesh has worked extensively in crafting a curriculum for Visual Communication. With a passion for innovative teaching methods and a commitment to infusing real-world insights, he ensures students receive a comprehensive education that helps them stay ahead of industry trends.


At Anant, Devesh serves as a dedicated Visual Communication faculty, bringing his expertise to a wide array of subjects like Visual Design, Photography, Design Process, Graphic Design, Colour Theory, Visual Semiotics, Communication Theory, Identity Design, Interaction Design, Branding Advertising, etc. Beyond teaching, Devesh actively helps admissions and communication teams, demonstrating his holistic commitment to the growth and success of the design program at Anant National University.


A design technology enthusiast, Devesh’s dedication towards keeping himself abreast with the latest developments in the world of design reflects his desire to provide students with a forward-thinking and industry-aligned learning experience. As a member of the Visual Communication faculty, he aspires to foster a nurturing environment that goes beyond textbooks, encouraging creativity and adaptability in students and preparing them for the dynamic world of visual design.


Devesh holds a BDes degree from NIFT. His academic profile includes a stronghold on subjects like Graphic Design, Advertising, Space Design, Visual Media and Visual Thinking. He also has an MA in Journalism & Mass Communication from Amity University. During his master’s, he explored the visual dimensions of mass media, indicating a thoughtful expansion of his abilities into the broader world of communication. By combining his creative flair, honed at NIFT with a deeper understanding of visual communication within journalism, Devesh Waghela emerges as a well-rounded professional, ready to contribute meaningfully at the crossroads of design and mass media.


Before entering academia, Devesh Waghela brought a wealth of industry and corporate experience to his role as an Assistant Professor at Anant National University. While chairing various positions at esteemed institutions like Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Indus University, Khyati Foundation and Gujarat University, Devesh has not only shared his knowledge but has also forged meaningful connections within the design industry.


Notably, Devesh served as the Head of the Visual Communication Department at Khyati Foundation, demonstrating leadership and contributing actively to curriculum development, grading and industry engagement.


This multifaceted experience highlights Devesh’s dedication to both the theoretical and practical dimensions of visual communication, making him a valuable asset in the academic sphere.


Beyond academia, Devesh loves being close to nature. During his four-year educational journey in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, especially in Kangra, Devesh developed a deep passion for trekking and motorcycle riding. Exploring the mountains and conquering various treks, he forged connections with the majestic peaks. Beyond academia, you might see him gracefully cruising on a motorcycle. Devesh is also deeply involved in music as his heart resonates with the harmonious melodies of diverse musical instruments, showcasing a multifaceted personality that extends way beyond the classroom.