Darpil Shah

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
Master of Engineering, Gujarat Technological University

Darpil Shah is an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture at Anant National University. An engineer, Darpil focuses on applying theoretical knowledge in field studies, demonstrating a strong leaning towards real-world experiences rather than classroom learning. His research primarily focuses on diverse technologies, exploring software skills in areas like parametric design and artificial intelligence. 


At Anant, Darpil implements his expertise and knowledge of structural analysis and design in theoretical studies and practical projects. He led the design of the Wall of Anant on campus, collaborating with students in a related study program. His portfolio further extends to designing the Chhavni and Nine Arches projects, both meticulously executed on campus. He actively contributes as a structural advisor to the Prerna Project in Vadnagar, sharing his knowledge and ensuring structural integrity.


Darpil, who holds a Master’s degree in Computer-Aided Structural Analysis and Design from LD College of Engineering, has completed a thesis on non-linear analysis of reduced beam sections, specifically exploring their application in earthquake engineering. Following his studies, he served as a teaching assistant for the Post Diploma Graduate program at the same college. Beyond his academic background, Darpil also possesses a keen interest in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the field of design. This interest reflects his desire to combine his technical expertise with innovative technologies to push the boundaries of design possibilities.


Darpil’s professional background encompasses both academic and practical experiences. He honed his skills by working as an engineer in a soil engineering lab, where he assisted postgraduate students with their thesis projects. He is also a structural designer at Pal Consultants, a reputable structural consulting firm based in Ahmedabad.


Beyond academics, Darpil is an avid sportsperson, enjoying his free time playing pickleball and cricket. He has even participated in half marathons in 2019 and 2020, stretching his physical limits to cross the finish line. Darpil also enjoys engaging in lively discussions about entertainment, sports and politics. He is a passionate traveller, seeking new experiences and cultures. A music enthusiast, Darpil enjoys listening to music while working, adding more melody to his daily endeavours.