Bhaviya Rana

Associate Professor, School of Design
MDes, National Institute of Design

Bhaviya Rana, an Associate Professor at Anant, is committed to promoting sustainability in fashion, a facet of her design philosophy and a driving force that influences her approach to education, research and collaboration within the academic and professional spheres. Her career in fashion and textile design spans across Digital Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, Garment Construction, Surface Ornamentation, Textile Innovation and the Integration of Traditional Craftsmanship with contemporary design techniques. 


At Anant, Bhaviya leverages her vast expertise in sustainable fashion, fashion and textile design innovation and the melding of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to foster a new generation of forward-thinking designers. Her work at Anant is underpinned by a clear vision – to nurture creative minds that are technically proficient and deeply conscious of their role in promoting sustainability and ethical practices within the fashion industry.


Her teaching methodology is characterised by a hands-on approach, where students are encouraged to experiment, create and reflect. Understanding the interconnected nature of the fashion ecosystem, Bhaviya advocates for interdisciplinary collaboration within the university and with external partners. She also strongly emphasises projects that engage with communities, particularly those that can benefit from sustainable fashion initiatives.


Her work involves collaborating with local artisans and craftspeople, allowing students to learn from these masters, thereby bridging the gap between age-old techniques and contemporary fashion demands.


Professionally, Bhaviya has been part of prominent brands in the fashion industry, including Monte Carlo, Guess LA, Stussy, Guess by Marciano and Guess Factory. She was the India Head of Design for the Kmart Australia India office, overseeing a team of 18 designers across Hong Kong, Shanghai and Gurgaon. Bhaviya also worked at Preen as a Design Assistant.


In 2019, Bhaviya ventured into entrepreneurship with the establishment of Monochrome Studios, working with notable brands such as Amazon’s fashion clothing Eden & Ivy, Symbol, Myx, Jam & Honey, Inkast, Tavasya and Spykar Denims to provide print, colour and art direction. She also launched MonocromShop, an online sustainable venture offering DIY kits for kids and adults, underlining her commitment to sustainability.


Bhaviya has a Bachelor of Surface Textiles Degree from the London College of Fashion and a Master’s in Clothing and Textile Design from the National Institute of Design. She has had several academic ventures with brands like Marvel Comics and Abercrombie & Fitch, designer Alexander McQueen, Marks & Spencer design office in London, Claris Lifesciences Ltd and Mumbai-based designer Nahid Merchant. She did a diploma project with Bharat Silks Pvt Ltd. 


Bhaviya stands at the confluence of tradition and innovation, sustainability and technology. Her academic and professional journey highlights her exceptional skills and interests and reflects her commitment to shaping the future of fashion education and practice through a sustainable lens.


In her free time, she likes to upgrade her skills by learning software like Clo3d, Digital Fashion, AI, Zero Waste Pattern Cutting and Print and Graphics.