Bhavik Mehta

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture,
MTech in Sustainable Development, CEPT University,

Bhavik Mehta is an Assistant Professor, School of Architecture at Anant National University. His research focuses on studying the solar trajectory and comprehending the spatial daylight conditions. As a self-aware and self-motivated individual committed to fostering a sustainable society, his research is in harmony with the solar passive architecture, aiming to conserve energy. Extending his interest in academia, he imparts practical knowledge, utilising experimental models to explore the fundamentals of passive design techniques.

At Anant, Bhavik teaches core modules titled ‘Building Environmental Technology I and II’ and helps students understand technical concepts in Architecture Design Studio IV, Working Drawing and ADS III, focusing on institutional buildings. Beyond academic responsibilities, he is involved as a project architect in a significant project titled ‘Kilkari Bal Bhavan at Bhagalpur, Bihar,’ as a part of the design cell. He also plays a key role as a core member of the Curriculum Review Committee in the School of Architecture.

Bhavik, a postgraduate from CEPT University, has undergone training at the Climate Change Department in Gujarat, where he contributed to the development of a book titled ‘Convenient Action Plans by the Gujarat Government.’ Additionally, he was awarded a gold medal from Sardar Patel University during his undergraduate BArch programme.

As an architect and interior designer, Bhavik manages his independent practice under the banner of Green Squares Design Studio. In recent years, he has garnered numerous national awards, and his creations have featured in widely recognised magazines in India.

Beyond academia, Bhavik’s primary passion lies in composing poems in Gujarati. He is also an artist proficient in the watercolour medium.