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Bhavik Mehta | Assistant Professor

Ar. Bhavik Mehta specialises in the field of Climate Responsive Architecture in Indian context and has earned a national award for the same. With the intention of being innovative and perfectionist, he is also practicing as a furniture designer as well as an Architect owning his design firm and a workshop. His research on ‘Ecology of Skyscraper’ and ‘Thermal performance of Residential buildings through orientation in Hot and Dry Climate, Ahmedabad’ Has earned him a lot of admiration and recognition. His core subjects are ‘Climate Responsive Architecture’, ‘Daylighting and Thermal Analysis through BIM and Simulation software’, ‘Role of Architectural Principles in Design’, and ‘Contextual and Urban design studies’. He is also known for conducting many hands-on workshops such as ‘Parametric Design’ using brick as material, ‘Bamboo installations’, ‘Understanding Solar Passive Aspects in Heritage Architecture of India’, ‘Energy Simulation Workshop’, ‘Art-affairs’, ‘Fluid-art Workshop’, ‘Furniture Development Workshop’ etc. at various graduation and post-graduation level. Ar. Bhavik Mehta holds a master’s degree in ‘Climate change and Sustainable development’ from CEPT University and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from APEID where he was a gold medallist.
At Anant National University, Ar. Bhavik Mehta serves as an Assistant Professor.