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Watch the webinar here: https://youtu.be/qxdPJvRQkoY

The current COVID 19 situation has brought the arts, culture, heritage environmental and tourism sectors into a deep crisis. It is one for which no country or community was prepared. As we ride the wave or tsunami of emergencies, the challenge remains as to how we move forward building on the resilience of communities and cultural groups. What is the best way forward for governments to make interventions with immediate and long-term impacts? How best can civil society engage? What does inclusion and sustainability mean in the immediate and long-term futures? In order to safeguard the grassroots cultural and linguistic diversity of our countries and beyond borders, what are the pathways for the future? We know how much Heritage Matters, but how can we position heritage in all its manifestations in the holistic discourse of sustainable heritage development? How do we rethink the way we approach the UN Sustainable Development Goals? How do we continue to locate and advocate for culture in development through demonstration projects? These and many other questions and concerns will be addressed in this series of AnantU Webinars facilitated by the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum and the International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership, AnantU.

Featuring in this Webinar are Dr Anunaya Chaubey, Provost, AnantU and Salzburg Global Fellow; Dr Amareswar Galla, Professor of Inclusive Cultural Leadership, Founding Director International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership, AnantU and Salzburg Global Fellow; Dr Benny Kuriakose – Expert on Sustainability and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Built Environment and Design; Poonam Trambadia, Associate Professor, Anant National University, West Zone Coordinator and Exe. Comm. Member for ICOMOS, India; and Tejshvi Jain, Founding Director, Rereeti – Revitalizing Museums.