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Dr Sharon M. Ravitch, Professor of Practice at Penn GSE, visited campus to conduct workshop on leadership for the AnantU community, including students, staff and faculty.
Students had an insightful discussion with Dr Sharon M. Ravitch, as part of the one-day workshop on ‘Designing Leadership for Impact in Changing Contexts’. They discussed crucial soft skills essential for aspiring leaders. The workshop highlighted unique leadership qualities within design structures, unusual from traditional corporate frameworks. With the pandemic changing things, attendees shared ideas on how social and psychological factors affect good leadership. They compared leadership trends before the pandemic to now and learned about how it has been changing.

Penn GSE Professor Dr Sharon Ravitch’s visit to the varsity campus concluded with an inspiring workshop on leadership, specially curated for AnantU faculty members and staff. The workshop discussed adaptive leadership and developing and implementing an inquiry mindset to humanise systems that foster diversity, equity and inclusion. Structured around group activity and peer learning exercises, the workshop introduced key concepts, including empathy, biases, invisible logic, opportunity structures, relationship building, intersectionality and flux leadership, among many others that go into making a leader.