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A two-day workshop, ‘Systems approach to integrating craft into architecture’, was organised for the 4th year students of School of Architecture, Anant National University. In association with Blue Planet, the workshop helped students fare the gap between sustainability and architecture.

The workshop began with introductory & discursive sessions by Ms. Sangita Kapoor, the workshop curator, and eminent Architect Parul Zaveri. After a brief understanding of the topic was established, group exercises are scheduled to get in-depth of the subject. On the second day, a hands-on approach at The Platypus Design Lab was undertaken to understand various materials. It was followed by student presentations and an interactive session with Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya who has worked extensively on this subject.

This entire experience imbibed students with an understanding of how efficiently craft can be integrated into architecture and sustainability to adopt it as a way of life. The workshop was coordinated by Ar. Jasmine Gohil, Vice Principal, School of Architecture.