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Winter Fete, a pre-Christmas flea market was organised at AnantU by and for its students, staff, and faculty. The event space was divided into 3 sections – Contemp-Flea, Art of Crepuscular, and Live Art.

The day began with a guest lecture by Prof. Anuradha Mathur from Harvard University and Prof. Dilip da Cunha from University of Pennsylvania on, ‘Designing the Ocean of Rain’. They spoke about the Ocean of wetness, a platform that seeks to situate the past, present, and future of habitation in a ubiquitous wetness rather than on a land-water surface. Their thoughtful implementation of ideas, and process of making drawings and deep study through ordinary photographs inspired the students and faculty.

Later, as a part of the completion of the subject ‘Contemporary Architecture’, the students of B.Arch. 5th Semester put up the ‘Contemp-Flea’, that showcased their learnings in the form of products, like paintings, clocks, pen-stands, succulents, and more. All the displayed work was for sale.

Another exhibition ‘Art of Crepuscular – a study of daylight in contemporary churches around the world’ was put up by 2nd-year students of Architecture. They showcased their learnings on vertical panels in the courtyard.

‘Live Art’ was an initiative by the Anant Fellows wherein participants could use any of the art supplies provided to create their own art. Live music was orchestrated to set the mood of the enclosed space.

Apart from these, a food stall, a donation booth, sustainability centre’s stall, and AnantU’s official merchandise pop-up store found their spots in the Winter Fete. The event was attended by over 300 members of the AnantU community.