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Join us for Priya Narayanan’s talk on ‘Like A River: Creative and Academic Life’, where she will talk about juggling and see-sawing the complex balancing act that lives and careers demand. Drawing on experiences of running a design practice, teaching design, writing for both adults and children, travelling solo and managing the home, know how Priya Narayanan proposes a new metaphor for the delicate dance of managing lives and academic careers.

Date: 11th June 2022, Saturday
Time: 5:00 pm

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_gcXNbMEdQgWFDWzifqrcuw

About the Speaker
Priya Narayanan is both an interior designer and an award-winning children’s author. She has a design practice under the twin banners of Tatva Design Studio and Soma Systems Furniture and also teaches at CEPT University. Her stories for children have been widely published both as books and in children’s magazines, while her poems, haiku and short stories have appeared in literary magazines. She was one of the ten writers who co-authored a one-of-its-kind collaborative novel – Altitudinis: Seekers, Sinners and Secrets in 2019. She is currently a doctoral scholar at Anant National University.

The talk is organised as part of the series, ‘The Scholarly Life’, that comes under the ambit of the Research Masters- PhD programme at Anant National University. The series is convened by Dr Ashima Sood, Associate Professor and Co-Director, Centre of Urbanism and Cultural Economics and Dr Aditya Parekh, Assistant Professor, School of Design.