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Date: 9th July 2022, Saturday
Time: 6:00 pm

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_zcfHq-wDQJS9hHhop_ec8g

About the Webinar
This Webinar is an invitation to all sustainability enthusiasts to join us on a journey to perceive nature afresh, delve deep into nature’s creations and get inspired from nature on its design, techniques and solutions.

With Dr Jamie Miller (Founder of Biomimicry Frontiers and Global Director of Biomimicry at B+H Architects) you will embark on a journey that is nature-based, sustainable and design-inspired. It would be a culmination of an expert piece in biomimicry, biophilia and ecological engineering.

This July 9th, 6:30 PM I.S.T. Biomimicry Frontiers in collaboration with Anant National University, Ahemdabad brings to you an opportunity to set yourself on a journey that makes you a future solutionary, lets you understand nature’s way of problem-solving and gives you an opportunity to be Inspired by Nature.

Come join us to challenge the status quo of design and learn from nature the process efficiency.