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Students got an opportunity to enrich their knowledge, learn new skills and enhance their learning experience through Summer School at AnantU. The Summer School offered nearly 19 courses, including skills and software-based electives, interactive workshops and field trips.

The courses allowed students to enhance their skills in presentation, papermaking, printmaking, painting, sketching, origami, clay modelling and others. As part of the field trips, students visited places of historical and cultural significance.

Additionally, two summer workshops, organised as part of the Summer School, were open to both AnantU community members and external participants. These workshops were Pluralities in Visual Cultures and Handmade Paper and Product-making workshop.

Students had the opportunity to learn from the acclaimed Professor Neeta Verma from the University of Notre Dame, USA. Her workshop on Pluralities in Visual Culture helped students understand the visual design elements and how designers use them to create enduring messages within the Indian subculture. The course culminated with an exhibition showcasing the projects developed by students as part of the course.

Handmade paper and product-making workshop, led by Ravi Raj, a paper engineer and craft designer, helped students learn to make handmade papers using various garden plant waste, recycled fibres and cotton rag waste. The course concluded with an exhibit of student works.

Another unique workshop organised as part of the Summer School was ‘One Act’, conducted by renowned theatre personality Dr Aparna Mahiyaria. Students explored their creative potential through many acting and role-playing exercises and worked on using the body and voice as an instrument for communication. As part of the workshop, students performed the play on the varsity campus.