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Anant National University, India’s first designX university and UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development, organised the inaugural event of the Kathakari International Symposium on Storytelling at Anant National University. Attendees delved into the world of storytelling with Padma Vibhushan Dr Teejan Bai; Prof James Hegarty, Head of School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University; Dr Eric Miller, Director of World Storytelling Institute; Ami Ganatara, author of Mahabharata Unravelled & Ramayana Unravelled; and Dr Madan Meena, artist folklore researcher and Director of Adivasi Academy at Tejgadh.
Dr Anunaya Chaubey, Provost, AnantU, and Dr Prof Amareswar Galla, UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums & Sustainable Heritage Development at AnantU, introduced the participants to the art of storytelling and its importance and relevance in the contemporary world. The demonstration by the kids of Vasantshala added more cheer to the symposium. The symposium explored stories from our religion, history, epics and culminated with a powerful performance by the legendary Padma awardee Dr Teejan Bai and Dastangoi artists Poonam Girdhani and Rajesh Kumar.