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Architecture, for centuries, has been defining the way civilisations rise, prosper, and decline. Architecture defines the way we live our lives. It is much beyond just the physical form. It impacts the politics that drive the nation and its economy. Architecture defines the identity of the self and society as a whole. It influences the resilience of an era and ensures sustainability in the future. Meanwhile, architecture also gets altered by many such factors.

Hence the question emerges – what and how should the architecture of the future be? And a bigger question – what could this future be? Would it be predictable and programmed, a future that is distant yet foreseeable? Or is it another future that would be there as soon as tomorrow? Would it be a world overpowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, or would it be sensitive and contextual like a gendered space? Can it be more climatically conscious? Can it revive the relevant practices that are sustainable? The possibilities are immense.

The International Symposium on ‘Architecture for All: Call of the Future’ is an attempt to ponder on these questions. To understand how we as civilisations are making an impression which is much more than just a physical mark. It breaks down from the conventional ideas of remaining in silos. It promotes that the concept of a new world must embrace influences from multiple fields and disciplines. The sessions in the symposium would holistically define the position of our times as we embark on the quest to find what the architecture of the future should be.

Know More: https://anu.edu.in/international-symposium-architecture-for-all-call-of-the-future/