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Mark your Calendar! Anant National University, India’s first DesignX university, is set to kick off the spring season with two international fests, Kathakari – International Symposium on Storytelling and With Festival. These festivals will host renowned international and national speakers and award-winning performers who will discuss and deliberate the importance of storytelling through various media.
Kathakari – International Symposium on Storytelling

About the festival
Anant National University, India’s first designX university and UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development, announces the inaugural event of the Kathakari International Symposium on Storytelling at Anant National University. The symposium comprising renowned experts and performers, seeks to capture the centrality of storytelling as a form of intangible heritage as manifested in varied genres, techniques, platforms, methodologies and expressions. It aims to bring together academics, researchers, students and storytellers to discuss, deliberate and demonstrate how stories work, how we use them, how they move about, how they change and how they change us.

Date: 25-26 March 2023

To know more about the symposium, visit: https://anu.edu.in/kathakari-symposium/
Registration link: https://anu.edu.in/registration-for-kathakari-symposium/

About With Festival
WITH Festival celebrates the work of designers, media makers and technologists in the service of society through purposeful storytelling highlighting human achievement and possibilities. The globally distributed festival in its inaugural year, 2023, will be organized in Ahmedabad, India; Quito, Ecuador; and Miami, USA. The festival is filled with music, films and food. It is lined up with exclusive performances by Dastan Goi, Saz group, Tanmoy Bose, Dharavi Dream Project, International films, Virtual Reality films, Keynote by global leaders.

Date: 26-27 March 2023

More information: https://withfestival.org/
Registration link: https://anu.edu.in/registration-page-for-with-festival/