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Dr. Rodolphe el-Khoury is the Dean of School of Architecture at University of Miami and an expert in designing for Internet of Things. An opportunity to learn what the future of Built Environment may look like, his talk explores the implications and impact of ubiquitous computing in its potential to change the way we conceive, construct, inhabit and interact with our cities, buildings, and objects of everyday life

Computing is migrating from dedicated static appliances to mobile devices, objects of everyday life, and physical environments thanks to increasingly proliferating microchips and ever-expanding information networks. Soon every object around will be equipped with some computational power or at least will be enmeshed in a network of communication. This condition is referred to with the following terms:

The Internet of Things (IoT)
Ubiquitous Computation (UbiComp)
Ambient Intelligence
Embedded Technology
Situated Technology
Locative Media

All the terms are pointing from different perspective to the same phenomenon: the tendency for objects and environments to take on functionalities we usually reserve to computers and hand-held communication devices. What happens when our homes, furniture, and clothes become computers, capable of sensing, processing and responding to environmental conditions?

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