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Ajay Piramal, chairman of the Piramal Group and president of Anant National University, launched the Digital Institutional Repository for public access during his recent visit to the university.
The Repository is a major component of the University’s Library, known as a learning commons. By archiving the history, development, and activities of the Institute’s numerous events, research, academic, administrative, and other entities, the Digital Repository serves as a reminder of the AnantU. Research papers, books, chapters, case studies, reports, video lectures, dissertations, theses, and media are among the electronic resources and internal publications available in the Digital Repository. Students, professors, and researchers in the fields of design and architecture from all around the world can use these materials under creative common.
The Learning Commons team took a great initiative to make all these valuable resources available online. The Online platform is designed to be user-friendly. The online content is organised under designated headings with relevant keywords making the entire process seamless for the user.
The voracious reader’s awards followed the ceremony. The learning commons team encouraged and urged the audience to reap the new initiative’s benefits and become voracious readers like the awardees.