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The Master of Urban Design at Anant National University hosted a three-day event, during 18-20 Oct 2019, a hands-on workshop, and panel discussion on ‘Building Resilient Cities.’ This event attempted to incite professionals, academicians, government officials, and students towards resilient urban solutions and aimed to highlight key efforts that are being made at all levels (global, national, and local) and across Social, Economic and Environmental Resilience.

The workshop culminated on the third day with a panel discussion included a diverse team of experts Mr. M. N. Ashish Ganju, Senior Architect, Urbanist and Academician; Mr. P. L. Sharma, Chief Town Planner, GTPVD, Government of Gujarat; Dr. Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar, Chair Urban Resilience – 100 Resilient Cities and Dr. Suresh Rohilla, Programme Director, Center for Science and Environment.
The panel discussed the challenges across various verticles like social cohesion, environment, institutional framework, etc. towards designing city resilience. The event concluded by a review of the design interventions suggested by the two teams, reviewed by the experts.