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Cheshta Jain, first-year student of AnantU, shares her experience as a well-being warrior at Bloom, Centre for Well-being at AnantU.

Illustration by Joseph Rajini Asir

One dream that blooms deep inside everyone is to be able to help others and see happiness flourish everywhere. I am no exception.

BLOOM is providing a path to fulfil this eternal dream. To be able to guide people in their hard times is the biggest form of social work.

When I entered the bloom centre for the first time, I thought that I was going to be a part of an already setup team. To my amazement, we were the first warriors who understood the importance of health. Under that roof, around that formally informal table, we just met. Coming together with a common aim, yet with different definitions, we started discussing health. Our minds blossomed with newer ideas, that became very dear to us and we are all set to implement them all. With the passing weeks, more and more warriors are joining us, which feels amazing.

I know the importance of being healthy. There are times when people say that physical health is nothing without mental health. And some people believe the vice-versa. Both are very much true. Bloom is aiming at the overall well being of each and every individual.

Here, at bloom, we aren’t sympathizing but empathizing with everyone. Let’s not hesitate to approach a doctor in any situation. Let’s be together. Eat healthier, drink fresher, think better and be happier.