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Vinay Srivastava’s poem gives a poignant twist to the idea of point of view. Written in response to a prompt in the Introductory Creative Writing module “Point of View”, “Time Capsule to 2120” speaks to a “you” that is the future. This is a future where the carelessness of present-day humans has left the “blue marble” we call home unrecognizable. The melancholy “I” of the poem can do no more than count the losses.

– Dr Ashima Sood

A Time Capsule to 2120

Objects to send into the future.
There are things I want to
And things I wish I could.

The forests I wish to start with
And the oxygen they bring along.
The ashes I leave behind though
And the dark smoke so strong.

The oceans I wish to include
And the life forms they nourish.
But fire I leave behind instead
And the death it brings along.

The mountains and the valleys,
Oh the beauty they behold!
But left are lands once lively-green
Now only barren-cold.

The sky, the stars and the moon
I would also want to add.
But would these be the only locales,
Abandoning the home I’ve always had?
The ice caps across the north and south
The glaciers pretty and white.
How would I possibly add those?
Once there are none left in sight.

Flowers and gardens, rivers and falls,
Gaps and pockets I’d fill with them all.
But fall instead the weapons of wars
“What have I done?!” I wonder, appalled.

To wrap it up I’d use a bow,
Made of clouds and northern lights.
I’d tie the knot, feeling sorrow
About the wrongs I’ve made of rights.

I hope it’s all okay instead,
And the blue marble won’t turn red.
This home I once thought was my playground,
Tomorrow when found.

– Vinay Srivastava