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Moving to a new city is an overwhelming experience. It brings along the thrill of starting something new, and also the responsibility of living independently. Managing your finances well and acing the art of small savings become your life’s most important virtues. Have a look at our pocket-friendly places to eat in Ahmedabad around AnantU campus.

One way to make sure your expenses are under check is by mapping your daily/weekly budget and developing a lifestyle that supports it. Food plays a very crucial role here; it takes up the major chunk of your overall spendings, and so it becomes rather necessary to find places that serve you good food in less money.

Here is our list of top 8 pocket-friendly places to eat in Ahmedabad around AnantU campus to satisfy your taste buds in less than ₹150:

1. Jay Ambe Thali – Thaltej

For all students who prefer roti-sabzi, khichdi, and dal-chawal over fast food, Jay Ambe is a boon. It is highly economical and offers Punjabi and Gujarati thalis.

2. Purohit Thali – Thaltej

Go to this place every time you crave ‘ghar ka khana’! With a concept of unlimited thalis it is quite a hit in the city, and amongst many students like you.

3. Jay Bhavani – Thaltej & Bopal

You’ll come across this chain store in every other locality here. Starting from the famous vada-pavs and dabelis of Ahmedabad, you’ll get a wide range of sandwiches, hot dogs, puffs, pastas, maggies, beverages and cheesy pizzas to choose from.

4. Danny’s coffee bar – Thaltej

Danny’s coffee bars are popular across the city and loved by the locals for their outdoor seating and refreshing cold coffees. The mayonnaise cheese puff is a must try at this place, accompanied by their house-special coffee.

5. Angithee – Thaltej

A personal favourite! With a beautiful ambience, and a mix of  Punjabi and Gujarati food, this place offers a healthy break from the fast food.

6. The Urban Chowk – Thaltej

It is an open-seating food hub with multiple eateries offering cuisines ranging from Mexican to Gujarati, Italian to Punjabi and more. Best thing? It’s under budget and has the yummiest food options.

7. Idly Vidly – Sobo Center, Bopal

If you’re a south-Indian cuisine lover, we’ve got you covered too! Sobo center is probably one of the most exciting and happening places near the campus, and it houses a number of amazing eateries with interesting cuisines and pocket-friendly prices. Idly Vidly is one of the best picks there.

8. Das Khaman – Bopal

You simply can’t say no to Khaman, Dhokla & Handva when you stay in this city, right? These mouthwatering delicacies are very close to homemade Gujarati snacks and a must-try for all. Das Khaman in Bopal will save you with these scrumptious snacks that you can store for days and eat later when cravings attack you.