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With the commencement of the new semester, the campus will be bustling with activity. There will also be a number of new faces that will join you on campus. The new students will be excited as well as anxious to get started on their learning journey, as I’m sure you were when you started. Being experienced with the University, the campus and the study material you are perfectly placed to become mentors of the new students.

Here are 3 tips to assist new students in college to settle in:

  1. Say ‘Hi!’ – If you see a new face on campus, walk up and introduce yourself. Not only will you make a new friend, but you will also ease the nervousness that the new students would feel. This will also teach you how to introduce yourself to strangers, a great skill to have in the corporate world.
  2. Say no to ragging – Anti-ragging is everyone’s responsibility, yours too. Ensure that you do not engage in ragging. If you do see a ragging event, bring it to the notice of the right authorities. You can read the AnantU anti-ragging policy here.
  3. Be a mentor – You have been through the first year before. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot along the way. Be a mentor to a new student and teach them the ropes. This not only includes academics but also includes other aspects of University life.

Remember to take some time out to make your fellow students comfortable at AnantU and contribute towards a happy campus environment.