About (School of Design)

The School of Design at Anant National University houses the Design Disciplines of the University, namely Space design, Product Design, Interaction Design, Communication Design, Sustainable Fashion & Textiles, Moving Image and Transdisciplinary Design. Apart from these majors, the School also offers a choice of minors in allied fields a few examples being minors in Design for Health & Wellbeing, Furniture Design, Urban Design etc.

Job Type

Full Time

Required Educational Qualification

PhD Degree and first class or relevant at either Bachelor’s or Master’s Level in the relevant branch

Years of Experience

Minimum 10 years of experience in teaching/research/industry out of which at least 3 years shall be at a post equivalent to that of an Associate Professor.

Key Responsible Areas (KRAs) : Teaching

  • Deliver engaging and effective courses in design-related subjects.
  • Develop and update course materials, syllabi, and curricula to reflect current industry trends and best practices.
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to students, including advising on projects, theses, and career development.

Key Responsible Areas (KRAs) : Research

  • Conduct original research in the field of design, leading to publications in peer-reviewed journals, conference presentations, or creative works that contribute to the discipline.
  • Pursue external funding opportunities, such as grants and research contracts, to support research endeavors.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, both within and outside the institution, on interdisciplinary research projects.

Key Responsible Areas (KRAs) : Academic Leadership

  • Serve on committees and participate in academic governance to help shape the policies and direction of the School of Design.
  • Mentor junior faculty and provide guidance to colleagues in their professional development.
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the School and actively work towards creating an inclusive learning environment.

Key Responsible Areas (KRAs) : Professional Engagement

  • Maintain active involvement in the design industry, staying current with emerging trends, technologies, and practices.
  • Network with professionals, organizations, and alumni to facilitate internship opportunities, industry partnerships, and job placements for students.

Key Responsible Areas (KRAs) : Service and Outreach

  • Participate in community outreach, public lectures, and design-related events to promote the School of Design and the institution.
  • Engage in service activities, such as serving on academic and professional organizations’ committees.

Key Skills

  • Communication Skills: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively teach, mentor, and collaborate with students, colleagues, and industry professionals.
  • Leadership Abilities: Demonstrated leadership qualities, including the ability to contribute to the School’s academic and administrative functions.
  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: A commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the School of Design and the design field as a whole.
  • Professional Network: Established connections within the design industry can be beneficial for students and research collaborations.