About Anant National University

Anant National University, India’s first DesignX university, is dedicated to training students to devise solutions for global problems through creative thinking.

Our DesignX way is unique in helping young designers develop a better understanding of the context we live in through community immersion, innovation and collaboration. The core of our pedagogy is sustainable design multiplied by a host of knowledge disciplines and technology to make problem solving impactful. Our multidisciplinary undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in design, architecture, climate action and visual arts harness the knowledge from various disciplines and traditional practices to integrate it with cutting edge technology to address diverse challenges.

  • Job Type:
  • Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs):
  • Key Skills:


  • 1. Collaborate with various departments to create video content that effectively drives results
  • 2. Participate in developing creative strategy, brainstorming, and storyboarding for video projects
  • 3. Plan necessary communications to prepare for gathering footage
  • 4. Conduct both on-site and off-site video shoots
  • 5. Edit videos for various social media platforms and ensure on-time delivery of the same
  • 6. Assist in troubleshooting and providing technical support for video-related inquiries
  • 7. Oversee equipment upkeep and appropriate use of video equipment
  • 1. Proven video editing, motion graphics and animated content creation experience
  • 2. Detail-oriented and capable of producing a quality final product
  • 3. Highly proficient in video production and video-related equipment