About Anant Centre for Sustainability

A think-do-teach tank that focuses on affordable housing, climate resilience and carbon capture technologies. The centre publishes research reports, releases multimedia products and delivers relevant courses and projects related to sustainability.

Required Educational Qualification and Years of Experience:

  1. PhD with specialisation in research related to either Climate Change or Affordable Housing
  2. A First Class or equivalent at either Bachelor’s or Master’s level in the relevant branch.
  3. At least a total of 6 research publications in SCI journals/UGC/AICTE approved list of journals
  4. A minimum of 8 years of experience in teaching/research/industry, out of which, at least 2 years should be post PhD.

Job Type

Full Time

Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs)

  1. Co-leading the team at the Anant Centre for Sustainability, supporting regular team meetings and research progress.
  2. Developing and leading a minimum of 2 additional research tracks at the Anant Centre for Sustainability, including publishing relevant research reports and journal articles.
  3. Teaching a minimum of 4 courses each semester at the Anant School for Climate Action.
  4. Teaching a minimum of 1 course across the School of Design and School of Architecture at Anant National University.
  5. Supporting research projects across all research themes at the centre.

Key Skills

  1. Astute research skills with proficiency in academic writing, including academic journal articles and reports
  2. Demonstrated ability to simplify complex concepts into easy-to-understand language for students
  3. Strong team management and operational skills