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Anant National University is on a mission to become a leading institute for design education in India and the world. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it offers competitive fellowships, and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in design, architecture, and planning. AnantU’s programmes are built around a holistic learning experience that emphasises on foundation skills in communication, leadership, and critical thinking.

Entrepreneurial-spirited individuals with excellent writing and programme management abilities are encouraged to apply to join the team.

Programme Manager for Projects and Internships
Programme Coordinator for Curriculum Implementation
Programme Coordinator for Student Development
Assistant Manager – Visual Communication

If you do not find these openings to be of interest, but would like to join us in our mission to create a world class D-university in India please email the following to
1. Brief cover letter (250 words max) explaining your area of interest
2. Resumé
3. A short writing sample (600-800 words) OR a sample of original design work created by you