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Urban planning crisis in India

(Wednesday February 14, 2018)

Recent years have seen a spate of urban disasters in India – cyclones, heavy rains and unseasonal floods wreaking large scale damage to cities, hazardous pollution levels choking them up, and potholed roads resulting in accidents and death of citizens.   These urban disasters did not take shape overnight, and are the culmination of years …

The Relevance of Master’s in Integrated Product Design

(Monday January 15, 2018)

Universities across the world offer Master’s in Product Design, Product Design Engineering, Industrial Design and Strategic Product Design among others. The curriculum mostly in all areas focuses on technical details dealing with different steps, processes and activities involved in creating new products, for example, conceptual skills, manufacturing, prototyping and even marketing. In other words it …

Manjha Madness

(Monday January 15, 2018)

The scooters on the streets of Gujarat have been well prepared for the kite festival. Along with the colourful kites come the equally colourful, but somewhat deadly, manjha- essentially the thread to which the kite is attached. This manjha is coated with glass particles, to allow people to bring other kites to the ground by …

Built Environment: A Liberal Perspective- Dr. Sonam Mansukhani

(Sunday December 24, 2017)

The man-made built environment comprising infrastructure, construction and real estate is imperative to human existence just as much as the natural ecosystem. This also assumes significance more specifically in the context of the urban areas. Various issues confronting the latter have come to the forefront in recent times, for example, the smog in Delhi and …

Feedback- Archit Thapar

(Monday November 6, 2017)

It was during a session being conducted by Mr. Prashant Dhawan on Biomimicry, one of our courses in the Fellowship in the first term, when this word ‘feedback’ stuck a cord with me and I understood its relevance. I could suddenly relate everything around me with this term and also realized how constantly I was …