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Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture combines theory, design and technology with one’s own spatial insights to impart holistic perspective about Architecture and Design. The programme cultivates and nurtures individual creativity within framework of values that are humanistic, and socially and environmentally responsible.There is special emphasis on areas like:

• Sustainable Architecture
• Energy Efficient Design
• Urban Renewal and Design
• Heritage Conservation
• Acoustics
• Aesthetics

The programme is approved by the Council of Architecture.

Programme Structure

The Bachelor of Architecture is a five-year programme and is divided into two stages as per the guidelines of Council of Architecture.

The first stage is of three years and comprises the basic course. The first year lays a strong foundation and the next two years focus on a thorough understanding of codes and concepts through core subjects and skill building.

In the second stage – the fourth and the final year – students are encouraged to build proficiency in a domain of their choice by opting for elective subjects. During this phase, focus increasingly shifts towards building practical skills through seminars, training and working on a live project.

The programme is ‘studio’ centric where students are trained to resolve live design problems. Theory, seminars and workshops run parallelly with studios, exposing students to a wide gamut of subjects and instilling in them presentation skills, computer application skills and problem-solving abilities along with in-depth understanding and application of architecture and design. Communication and soft skills modules form an integral part of the curriculum and run through all five years.

Core Courses (Partial list)

Building Material & Construction
Fundamentals of Structures
Water Supply & Sanitation
Building services and equipment
Building Materials and Sciences
Surveying and Leveling
Estimation, Costing and Specifications Writing
Computer Applications in Architecture
Environmental Science
Landscape Architecture
Building regulations & Byelaws

Elective Courses (Partial List)

Disaster Management
Sustainable Architecture
Intelligent Buildings
Real Estate Management
3D Drawings
Modular Architecture
Furniture Design
Vernacular/Traditional Crafts
Alternative Construction Technique