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A resume is essentially a brief summary of your experiences, skills, accomplishments, and initiatives relevant to the programme you are applying for. It is an important criterion for admission to the Master’s programme at Anant National University. For students with zero or minimal full-time work experience, the resume should not exceed one page, and for applicants with work experience, a two-page resume will suffice.

Here are some tips to help you write a good resume:


Start by listing down all your academic (and professional, if applicable) experiences, skills relevant to the programme, and accomplishments in recent years. Categorise them into separate sections and chart a layout.


After you have prepared an overarching layout for your resume, place different sections based on their importance. For instance, your personal details (name, contact information) and educational qualifications can take up the first section, followed by voluntary experiences and skills.


If you are communicating in a particular language, it is always advisable to do it well. Proofread all your content multiple times, check for grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. You can first conduct this process by yourself and then take the help of your friends or mentors with a good grasp on the language.


A resume with a well-thought design will always have an edge over resumes with a regular look and feel found in masses on the internet. Considering that you are applying to India’s first Design University, Anant National University, your resume should reflect on your personal design quotient. The colour scheme and the way it’s structured should represent your personality. Implementation of unique, out-of-the-box ideas is always appreciated.


Once you’re done making your resume, save a copy of it in PDF format that you will submit. The name of this file should consist of your name and the kind of document it is (in this case, resume). Avoid using unnecessary numbers and symbols.

Now get going, and good luck with your application!