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The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a great way to introduce yourself to the university. Unlike transcripts and scorecards, it is a subjective essay that ideally includes details of your academic and personal undertakings, and connects them to your present situation. While a lot of institutes have a mandatory word count, it is recommended that you express your journey as best as you can in how many ever words you deem fit for the cause.

Your SOP should answer these questions:

  • What are your goals and ambitions?
  • Why do you want to join Anant National University?
  • Why that particular programme?
  • How do your academic and professional records support your desire to enrol for the programme?
  • How do your personal pursuits (extra-curricular activities/hobbies/interests) add value?
  • What are you expecting to learn/achieve from the programme?
  • What makes you stand out from all the other applicants?

It is essential that your SOP is structured well (beginning – body – end), and flows into an elaborative story that holds the attention of the reader till the end. It should be written in a formal yet conversational tone. Make sure you proofread your statement of purpose before submitting. The SOP is a crucial part of the admission process and must be dealt with utmost sincerity.

For Anant Fellowship applicants:

If you are submitting your Statement of Purpose for the Anant Fellowship, India’s first Fellowship for the Built Environment, make sure it covers the following:

  1. Describe what you have achieved through your educational and/or professional journey so far. Specifically focus on the knowledge gaps which you think Anant Fellowship will fill for you (400 words)
  2. How do you hope to make change once you graduate from Anant Fellowship? How do you see AF contributing to your personal growth and development as a future solutionary? (400 words)
  3. Anant Fellowship values critical thinking, community engagement, and openness to learning. Tell us in detail about a project where you have exhibited any or all of these skills. (350 words)