About Anant National University

Anant National University, India’s first DesignX university, is dedicated to training students to devise solutions for global problems through creative thinking.

Our DesignX way is unique in helping young designers develop a better understanding of the context we live in through community immersion, innovation and collaboration. The core of our pedagogy is sustainable design multiplied by a host of knowledge disciplines and technology to make problem solving impactful. Our multidisciplinary undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in design, architecture, climate action and visual arts harness the knowledge from various disciplines and traditional practices to integrate it with cutting edge technology to address diverse challenges.

About Office of Student Services

The Office of Student Services at Anant National University works on designing, curating, and implementing the non-academic student experience on campus as well as at the residences. Student Services oversees campus life, residence life, university-wide events, on-campus jobs, student wellbeing, student governance and committees, branding, outreach, and alumni relations, among others. We strive to create a thriving student experience at par with the best across institutions..

Job Type

Full Time

Reporting to

Head of Student Services

Required Education qualifications:

  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in any discipline with a strong academic record.

Years of Experience:

Minimum 3 years of experience in administrative jobs.

Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs)

  • Documentation: End to end documentation support in the office’s projects and activities. Document the student teams work, testimonials, learnings and experience etc in booklets, social media etc.
  • Finance management: Includes managing and swift processing of advance payments, reimbursements, vendor payments, budget distribution, reconciliation etc. Making monthly expense reports.
  • Procurement and logistics: End to end ownership of procurements through the office. Provide logistics and operations support for all aspects of the office. Handling service and material rentals, printing, office management etc
  • Develop and maintain regular reports on students and faculty data analysis
  • Interdepartmental and external liaison: Provide administrative and liaison support with internal and external stakeholders. Identify best vendors and ensure quick delivery of materials and services in events and initiatives
  • Miscalleneous: Coordinating meetings, maintaining documentation, minutes of meeting, interdepartmental liasion, cab booking etc, collect student feedback, Data analysis and documentation, Identifying and resolving bottlenecks in work, Liaisoning with other departments, external partners, vendors, Identifying opportunities for growth and going above and beyond to ensure the best student services at Anant.

Key Skills:

  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial and problem-solving ability
  • Strong data management and analytical skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication, documentation and finance management skills
  • Software knowledge: Google Suite, Gmail, MS Office
  • Willingness to go beyond their defined job role and do what it takes to ensure smooth functioning of university operations, events, student initiatives etc
  • Designing and visual content creation skills preferred
  • Willingness to be present and lend support in case of unforeseen emergencies
  • Ability to multitask and get things done in a fast paced and dynamic environment