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Student Clubs and Societies

The Anant National University Office of Student Services facilitates the process of founding and running student-driven clubs and societies on campus. Student Clubs and Societies are at the core of creative extracurricular pursuits by students, in sync with the larger ethos of the University, and meant to enrich the collective learning experience and foster a creative, innovative, and gratifying culture at the University. A ’society’ is an umbrella organisation which has under it two or more clubs, which are separate entities but have a common objective. For instance, the Music Society can have the dance and music clubs subsumed under it. A ‘club’, on the other hand, is an association of people towards a common interest where each member contributes and defines the club equally and all members meet periodically.

The existing clubs and societies include:

Photography Club, Sketching Club, Installation Club, Film Club, Dance Club, Music Club, Graphic Club, Sports Club, Cosplay Club, Movement club etc. Please refer to the clubs and societies policy to know more.