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Committee for Disciplinary Violations

Committee for Disciplinary Violations (CDV)
Anant National University (AnantU) is an academic community committed to providing an empowering, stimulating, safe and supportive learning environment for its students. By choosing to become members of this community, students affirm their commitment to its philosophy, ethos and values and understand the responsibility placed upon them. The University expects all admitted students to cooperate in its (this) endeavor. To this end, the University has rules and regulations that spell out and define some of the actions and behavior that will jeopardize its purpose and commitment. The University may initiate disciplinary action in the event of any breach or violation of these rules and regulations.

Sr.No Name  Role  Contact Detail 
1 Mr. Amit Sheth Professor ( Chair Person) 9824021607/ 
2 Dr. Sandeep Vasant Member Secretary  9879522980 / 
3 Ms. Ashima Banker  Member 9925272773 / 
4 Ms. Nidhi Goyal  Member 9717040905 / 
5 Mr. Anshuman Bhuchar Member  9811037673  / 
6 Ms. Ravinder Kaur  Member  9974339797 / 
7 Mr. Aaditya S.R.  Student Representative   8428841010 / 
8 Ms. Juee Chandora Student Representative 
9 Ms. Simoni Shah  Student Representative 
10 Inar Parekh Student Representative