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Anant National University, India’s first Design University, is organising a grand design competition for young Solutionaries, revolutionary thinkers with a solution-oriented mindset. The two-day final stage event will be held at the university’s expansive campus in Ahmedabad. Winners will be awarded exciting prizes worth ₹5 lakhs!

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India's 1st Design University

Anant National University (AnantU), located in a lush green campus in Ahmedabad, is the India’s first Design University. It is committed to nurturing Solutionaries, people who are revolutionary in their thinking, but solution-oriented in their approach. It is committed to changing the discourse in design education by making it multidisciplinary, industry-relevant, and with a focus on sustainability and design thinking.

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Why QED?

We firmly believe that Designers have the ability to work across sectors and find creative solutions to some of the most critical problems of today.




Which problem around you bothers you?



Explore a sustainable solution for this problem.



Design a solution for this problem.


Contest Stages

Question the world around you and identify a problem that you aspire to solve. The problem should be medium-scale, with a solution that is practical, viable, and sustainable.

Shoot a 2-min video explaining the problem and propose possible solutions in brief. You must write an explanation for why your chosen problem needs attention and justify the urgency of that issue.

Fill up this form to submit your video and explain your problem.

Deadline: 23 February 2020

Results: 9 March 2020


If you are shortlisted, you will propose solutions for your identified problems in a 500-1500 word essay.

You must include sketches, photographs or models to explain the solutions. You could even present your solution by devising a product or describing a process in the format of your choice.

Your proposal should include the cost and time for building and implementing the solution and the materials required for the same.

Preference will be given to solutions that incorporate principles of sustainability, clean energy, gender equality, equal opportunities, mental wellbeing, and localisation.

Deadline: 22 March 2020

Results: 6 April 2020

Ten runners up will be awarded prizes worth ₹ 2,500/- each!

Selected participants will be invited to visit AnantU campus to design a prototype of their solution with the help of our esteemed faculty. The best design solutions will be awarded and taken up further for production.

Event: 20-21 April 2020

Winners will be awarded prizes worth
₹ 75000/- for the first position
₹ 50000/- for the second position
₹ 25000/- for the third position

All other participants of Stage 3 will be awarded prizes worth ₹ 7500/- each!


Exciting prizes

Engage (Stage 2)


Design (Stage 3)



Frequently Asked Questions

Anant National University will sponsor travel and accommodation for all the participants shortlisted for Stage 3: Design. 3 Tier AC train tickets will be booked by the university’s travel desk. All participants will be allotted two-sharing rooms in the university’s hostel. If the participant wishes to opt for any other mode of travel or accommodation, they may do so at their own expense.

QED is a two-day design event comprising of the design challenge, fun workshops, design flea and cultural performances by AnantU’s fraternity.

Entry to the event is restricted to participants only.

You can participate in a team size of 1-3 team members.

If you are a school student, your team can include one or more classmates/friends of the same age group (+- 2 years), or one friend and one teacher. If you are a college student, your team members must belong to a college/university and fall under the age group of 18-26 years.