Design student creates ‘Walk-station,’ an innovation addressing the challenges of busy professionals with desk jobs, offering a convenient solution to work and exercise simultaneously. Read here

Programme Highlights

B.Des. colleges in india

Access an Exclusive Network of
Global Education Leaders

B.Des. colleges in gujarat

World’s 1st Certificate
programme in
Global Education Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Led by Penn faculty &
industry leaders

B.Des. colleges in india

Navigate Education
Investment Landscape

B.Des. colleges in gujarat

Cultivate Entrepreneurial
Mindset and Toolkit

About the Programme

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  • Modules
  • Course Details
  • How to Apply?
  • Certificate and affiliation

Learning Outcome

The Global Education Entrepreneurship and Innovation certificate programme provide critical knowledge, skills, and tools needed to seed, accelerate, and scale entrepreneurial practice in education. The immersive week-long boot camp comprises customised real-time virtual sessions, paired with online asynchronous modules and uses Penn’s lean startup curriculum, design thinking, and project-based learning.

The programme is designed for professionals in the education sector interested in creating lasting change in education through innovation. The programme will train professionals in addressing real-world problems in areas such as navigating the education investment landscape and finding a product-market fit.

Core Courses

Module 1: Mapping the Global Innovation Landscape in Education
Module 2: Inspiring an Organizational Culture of Innovation
Module 3: Activating Entrepreneurial Leadership and Mindsets
Module 4: Creating an Innovative Program, Product, Service, or Company
Module 5: Learning Science Tools and Methods
Module 6: Unleashing the Power of Journey Stories

Course Details

Date: 6th – 9th December, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: AnantU Campus
Course Fee: USD 2000

How to Apply?

To register for the programme, please click here

Certificate and affiliation

Upon successful completion of all the modules, coursework and projects, applicants will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate will be in name of the University of Pennsylvania, independent of affiliation to any university/college/organisation unless specifically mentioned.


Penn GSE’s education entrepreneurship certificate programme is the world’s first online programme custom designed for professionals interested in making impactful changes through innovation. Applicants will get the opportunity to learn from the faculty of UPenn’s top-ranked Graduate School of Education, the Wharton School, and the School of Engineering.

Learners will be assessed based on the assignments submitted throughout the programme.

Penn GSE, a top Graduate School of Education in the United States, is reputed in innovation and education entrepreneurship and is recognized worldwide. The programme will help learners gather an in-depth understanding of the global education landscape, foster an entrepreneurial mindset, and build a support network with like-minded individuals.

The asynchronous materials, which include related articles, videos, interactive activities, and group discussions, will supplement the live sessions and enhance the learning experience.