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AnantU Newsletter Cover March 2019

Student Corner

Art by students of AnantU

Collection of art made by students of AnantU...

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Caged knowledge of a hypocrite

What is knowledge? Try to define, might find it down...

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Courtesans: The Ladies of the night

It was six months ago that...

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Campus Happenings

'Macro-Cosmic to Micro-Cosmic, and everything in between' | Guest lecture by Hemen Sanghvi

Professor Hemen Sanghvi delivered a guest lecture at AnantU in an attempt to explain how the larger context...

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Immersive workshop on Sustainability by Neelkanth Chhaya

A two-day workshop was organised on Sustainability: Approach to Integrating Craft into Architecture at...

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Exhibition on Mandu RSP

The city of Mandu and Maheshwar saw their rebirth by the fine artistry of the students. The blank empty sheets found a purpose as they showed...

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Kolors of Koliwada

Out of nearly 40 fishing villages in Mumbai, The Worli Koliwada, one of the seven original islands on the Northern tip of Worli...

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Exhibition on Jodhpur RSP

As part of the ‘Exploration of Design Discipline’ module, the foundational year students exhibited their clay models and the story of clay across...

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Interactive session on time management

Bloom, the centre for sustainability at AnantU, in association with YourDOST conducted a small workshop on procrastination and time management...

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E-waste management drive at AnantU

E-waste has become the most rapidly growing segment of the formal municipal waste stream in the world. And disposal of e-waste is an emerging...

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Fun at AnantU

Food Fiesta

Student Council at AnantU recently organised splendid daybreak on campus to do away with the monotonousness of our schedules in the form of a food fest...

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Funtakshari – an evening of rhythms

AnantU's residential students went on a one-day trekking trip to Polo forest and explored the beautiful green landscapes and backwaters. Inspired by the 500...

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Rajasthani Loksangeet Programme at AnantU

SPIC MACAY, Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth, recently organised a Rajasthani Lok sangeet Programme at AnantU...

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Valentine’s Day celebration

While a lot of people think it is clichéd to celebrate Valentine’s day with roses and red colour, we at AnantU don’t mind letting our hearts bloom with love...

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Student Achievement

Ashutosh Mishra wins the Creative Lab challenge

Ashutosh Mishra, Anant Fellow, Second Cohort, was selected among 300 people from around the world for World Business Dialogue in Cologne, Germany. He was further chosen for the Creation Lab Challenge, which he and his team...

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