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With the AnantU Design Entrance Test just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for the preparations. The test will check your competencies in creativity, imagination, visualisation skills, and general awareness. Here are some quick tips to help you clear the entrance test with flying colours:

1. Observe everything around you
The first lesson for any aspiring designer is to be observant of her/his surroundings and take note of minute details. These mindful observations will pave the path for sketches and artwork that you will produce.

2. Stay updated
A good designer is someone who can adapt to the changing scenarios and create new designs accordingly. Hence, it is important to be aware of what is happening in your city, state, country, and the world. Develop your general knowledge by reading the newspaper daily, and talk to different people about important issues to expand your understanding.

3. Practice every day
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was an exemplary artist. Don’t wait for the last couple of days to practice for the entrance test. Start immediately, and practice every day. As far as possible, try to avoid having any distractions around.

4. Identify suitable media
The AnantU Design Entrance Test is conducted on A4-sized sheets (check sample paper I and sample paper II), so it is recommended to use sketch pads or sheets of the same size for your practice. For coloured parts of the test, it is important that you know your media well. Whether you want to use pastel colours, pencil colours or water colours, it should not be a last minute decision. Identify which media you are most comfortable with, and that can be used quickly during the test.

5. Watch your time
The time limit for Anant National University’s entrance test is 2 hours. Spend the first few minutes mapping in your mind how much time you want to allot to each section. Practice sticking to your timelines to complete the test. Your performance will be judged based on not just one section, but all.

6. Be unique
One of the most important factors in clearing the design entrance test is to showcase your own style in each question. We are all unique individuals, and it’s just a matter of practicing your own style in order to ace the test.