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An information session by Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha on the Anant Fellowship

Rutvi Ashar, an Anant Fellow talks about her idea of a Solutionary and her experience at the fellowship so far.

Anant Fellowship faculty, Ashok Malhotra, talks about his course ‘Exploring Indianness’ and why is it important for young practitioners to understand what Indianness really means

Joseph Asir, an Anant Fellow talks about his experience at the fellowship and his understanding of Solutionaries

Author and communications expert, Shreyasi Singh, talks about why it is absolutely essential for future professionals of the Built Environment to master communication skills

Neera Adarkar, who took a module on “Gender Perspectives in Planning” at Anant Fellowship believes that for cities to be more inclusive and cater to different population subgroups.

Michel Danino, Padamshree Awardee and one of the most noted historians of our time, talks about his experience of teaching and interacting with Anant Fellows and why he thinks the Fellowship is different from most other programs he has taught at.

Anant Fellowship faculty, Anutosh Kanoria, talks about Space Syntax as a tool to critically think about whether modernist planning of cities is really effective and if going back to the organic evolution of cities is the answer.