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Yesha Gajjar | Assistant Professor

Yesha Gajjar is a highly motivated and ambitious architect and designer with five years of professional experience and two years of academic experience. She is the Founder/Principal Architect at Ambience Design. She has an impeccable record of managing multiple projects and surpassing deadlines. She is a skilled visionary with experience in high level planning and utmost understanding of budgets, timelines and functionality of architectural structures. She aims to amalgamate this knowledge and deliver strategic inputs to the team and Clients. Yesha was also involved in the preparation of syllabus for Bachelor of Interior Design for Gujarat University.

At AnantU, she teaches Construction, Working Drawing and Climatology. She is designated as Assistant Professor and also serves as Internship coordinator for 4th year, School of Design students. She is also a member of the Student Grievance Cell and Food Committee. Her contributions have helped improve the student life immensely. She is consistent in providing extra coaching during summer vacation to struggling students.