Dr Roma Madan Soni

Professor, AnantU;
Ph.D. in Art History, University of Wolverhampton, UK

An artist, art historian, and researcher, Roma Madan Soni is a Professor of Visual Arts and Director Designate, currently working to develop the Anant Center for Visual Arts as a humanities interface with Design and Architecture. An active CAA member, she is a part of the CAA-Getty International Program 2022 cohort, she serves on CAA’s Museum Committee, Services to Artists Committee, and CAA’s Council of Readers to review 2023 Annual Conference submissions. Her art, teaching, and research are interdisciplinary, at the intersection of ecofeminism: practice, theory and history, and contemporary visual politics. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Rockefeller Center and the Doris Duke Foundation, Kunsthaus-Steffisburg, TAPRI-Finland, MOMA-Kuwait, and Artsy and Saatchi galleries. She also recently painted the book-cover for Routledge Handbook of Feminist Peace Research (2021).

Soni has published articles widely in publications such as the Journal of Visual Art Practice, Feminist Media Studies, Ecofeminism and Climate Change, and International Feminist Journal of Politics. She has also presented at many conferences and conducted workshops at several institutions, including CAA, and chaired the “Transformative Education Think Tank” Collective Impact Coalition to address Kuwait’s academic challenges. Furthermore, she has received research grants, commissions, and awards from Kuwait Foundation of Advanced Sciences, UN Habitat, and Arab Open University, and more. Learn more about Soni’s art and career on her website.