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Chaitali Sheth | Associate Professor | Vice-Principal, School of Design

Ms. Chaitali Sheth completed her Bachelor’s in Interior Design and a Master’s in Landscape Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. She has been faculty at Anant National University, School of Design, since 2012. She has over thirteen years of professional experience as an Interior Designer, executing projects related to residential, commercial and retail spaces. She is known for her exemplary work in implementing and completing these projects. She strongly endeavours to blend design with research, seeking innovations within design, and unravelling layers of cultural landscape. She believes that design cannot be comprehended without the cultural context in which it is situated.
At AnantU, she has played a pivotal role in designing courses like Design Fundamentals and Process of Design among others so as to orient students from diverse backgrounds to the field of design. Her role in curriculum design is significant as it combines theory with practice, catering to the needs of the market. Through her academic and professional endeavours, she seeks to create theories from design. Ms. Chaitali Sheth is the Vice-Principal, School of Design at Anant National University.