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What we do

We are a research based do-tank established within Anant National University that focuses on affordable housing, indigenous models of circular economy, and building sustainable education campuses in India. We publish research reports and multimedia products, create and teach relevant course work, and implement projects. Below is some more detail on the specific research tracks we focus on:

Indigenous Models of Circular Economy in India
The circular economy is a resource efficient manner of life that produces no waste. All materials involved in the process are consumed, recycled or reused. There are several authentic Indian enterprise models that are intrinsically circular, driven by resource scarcity. But these models are lesser known by the world. They are often found in the parallel economy, therefore less documented and hardly ever showcased. AnantU’s research project discovers traditional Indian practices of the circular economy and analyses the design perspectives that can be scaled as business models. Our research presents ways in which India’s intangible heritage in the domain of sustainability can be preserved and given a new life.

Housing for Low Income Groups in India
This research track throws light on the present scenario of housing availability and microfinance in developing countries with a focus on India. It generates primary data on the subject. It also analyses the nuances of the product offering in the context of demand and availability of financial products and services as well as the supply side vectors of affordable housing. There are various components of this research including a city series report on the mismatch between the shortage of housing on one hand and the presence of a large stock of vacant housing on the other hand in cities with the highest stock of vacant housing in the country. Via this research track we are partners for change in the field of affordable housing for housing finance companies and policy makers.

Anant – a Sustainable Campus
The Centre for Sustainability is responsible for transforming AnantU in to becoming a sustainable campus. We have pledged to become plastic free. The centre has taken steps to establish waste management practices such that all our waste is minimised, segregated, recycled or reused. The centre is responsible for ensuring that sustainability is embedded in the student curriculum, values, and every day campus life. We believe that the learnings from our activities can be leveraged to benefit other educational institutions who have the will to transform in to becoming truly sustainable campuses. It is for this purpose that the Centre for Sustainability records and documents all our actions in this field, measures the impact generated, and disseminates the information in the public domain.